The Bruce Trail

The Bruce Trail

Beginning at in the south, the Iroquoia Section of the Bruce Trail hugs the ancient shoreline of Lake Iroquoia, following the winding path of the Niagara Escarpment, and forming a horseshoe around the western end of Lake Ontario. While the Trail passes through a densely populated area (the City of Hamilton), for the most part the hiker will be walking on a woodland path with only occasional glimpses of the surrounding urban sprawl. Our Trail and its surrounding natural areas are home to many species of bird, plants and animals.

The Bruce Trail Conservancy and the Iroquoia Bruce Trail Club rely on our membership to support our on-going efforts in maintaining the trail and preserving the Niagara Escarpment. Please consider a membership in the Bruce Trail Association to ensure the future of our beautiful Bruce Trail.

To become a member, please visit the Bruce Trail Conservancy  to fill out a membership application form.

Important News

Hike Change: This hike previously read Monday, May 18

Mon. May 25   –   Iroquoia Section, WebsterFalls, TewsFalls, Christie Conservation,   LOOP HIKE   –   +/- 14 km.
Meet for 9:00 am. exit at Websters Falls parking lot, Map 8. Hike to Tews Falls, Websters Falls, Christie Conservation Area and wilderness area . Loop hike, hiking boots, no dogs. Pace – medium, Terrain – moderate.


THIS IS TOMORROW –    Saturday April 18th is our ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING  at Cantebury Hills –  Ancaster. AGM info

The Iroquoia Club is Seeking a Trail Director The Iroquoia Club is now looking for an enthusiastic volunteer to start taking over the unique, challenging but rewarding, Club Board position of Trail Director. The Trail Director will coordinate the work of the Club’s Trail Maintenance Committee and represent the Trail maintenance group at Club Board meetings and with the Bruce Trail Conservancy. The Iroquoia Club’s Trail maintenance group currently has over 120 hard working volunteers, including Trail Monitors, Trail Captains, and work party members. Trail maintenance work parties are organized each week throughout the year. The Trail Director should be an enthusiastic supporter of the Bruce Trail, ideally with experience of the management of a hiking trail however project planning experience is equally valuable. Good organizational skills are required, along with financial awareness. Those interested should contact the Iroquoia Bruce Trail Club at

Our club is seeking a New Official End to End Co-ordinator Following approximately 20 successful years in her role as Official End to End Co-ordinator, Elaine Zelenyt is stepping down. The Iroquoia Club is now looking for an enthusiastic volunteer to start taking over this unique and challenging, but rewarding position. The End to End co-ordinator will work with a committee to set up and run the annual official end to end of the Iroquoia section of the Bruce Trail. This event occurs in late October over two weekends. The co-ordinator should be an enthusiastic supporter of the Bruce Trail, ideally with good organizational skills and knowledge of the trail where it goes through our section. Duties include working with other volunteers to take in registrations, cheques, set up advertising with Iroquoian Newsletter and BTC, create appropriate lists of hikers for each of the hike days, organize checkpoint volunteers, order buses, provide meeting point information for each day’s hike plus safety information, provide end of hike snacks each day, badges and write up article following completion of the end to end for publication. Those interested in either the co-ordnator’s position or in volunteering on this committee should contact the Iroquoia Bruce Trail Club at


Certified Hike Leader Training – June 2015 Iroquoia is a club with approximately 2100 plus or minus members. It is always a challenge to provide a good variety and number of hikes for our members to enjoy. We are constantly in need of revitalizing our group of hike leaders. This is where we need you. Have you ever thought of becoming a hike leader? It is not that difficult. To accomplish our goal of providing a good variety of hikes. we need hike leaders who are knowledgeable in hike leading management and are willing to lead hikes for various levels and abilities of hiking. This will be an investment in our club’s future as well. Iroquoia is offering a hike leader training session in June, 2015. The session will be offered on June 7 from 9:00 am. to 5:00 pm. at McMaster University. It will be delivered by a Certified Hike Leading Instructor in a classroom setting, with hands on outdoor training. Cost will be $50 for Iroquoia Club members and $75 for non members. Part of the training will include apprenticeship with a hike leader on two Iroquoia hikes on days that are suitable for you. More information will follow upon registration. To register yourself or for more information, please send an e-mail to Anne Armstrong at or call Anne Armstrong at 905-337- 3937. You must also register with Hike Ontario. Please use the link below. Anne Armstrong Hike Management Director, Iroquoia Bruce Trail Club



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