The Bruce Trail

The Bruce Trail

Beginning at in the south, the Iroquoia Section of the Bruce Trail hugs the ancient shoreline of Lake Iroquoia, following the winding path of the Niagara Escarpment, and forming a horseshoe around the western end of Lake Ontario. While the Trail passes through a densely populated area (the City of Hamilton), for the most part the hiker will be walking on a woodland path with only occasional glimpses of the surrounding urban sprawl. Our Trail and its surrounding natural areas are home to many species of bird, plants and animals.

The Bruce Trail Conservancy and the Iroquoia Bruce Trail Club rely on our membership to support our on-going efforts in maintaining the trail and preserving the Niagara Escarpment. Please consider a membership in the Bruce Trail Association to ensure the future of our beautiful Bruce Trail.

To become a member, please visit the Bruce Trail Conservancy  to fill out a membership application form.





As in previous years, as of November 15th Conservation Halton will be closing the trails at Kelso Conservation Area. We anticipate that this closure will remain in place until on or around April 15th, 2017 depending on whether conditions. This closure impacts all trail users at Kelso and encompasses all trails at the Kelso area. Other Conservation Areas will remain open as usual.

  • Why are we closing the trails?

Primarily, this is being done to allow us to maintain the trail network. Our trails are very heavily used and through closing each fall we are able to have time for staff to attend to issues that have arisen during the summer season. A particular focus of these works is on tree management which we have found is simply not possible due to the volume of use when the trails are open. Currently, the pressure that EAB is placing on our forests is necessitating work on our trees which we can only do with trail closures. The nature of trail use and pattern at Kelso means that closing sections of trail is simply not effective.

Secondarily, it is an acknowledgement that our trails are managed at Kelso and we have staff on the network more or less constantly when the trails are open, supporting visitation. As we move into the late fall and winter, our staff efforts are re-directed to the running of the Glen Eden ski hill and we simply do not have the presence on the trails to support public use.

Finally, our trail system makes use of the slopes and hill and operational area of Glen Eden and in order to accommodate all users, it is inappropriate to have non-skiers and skiers share territory due to the concerns associated with this sort of mixed use.


  • How are we closing the trails?

Signage will be posted at normal entry points and the parking lot will be closed and remain so. We are seeking the support of all our users in respecting the closure and staying off the trail system while it is effect.


  • How can you help?

We appreciate the many offers of help that we get through the year and know you may want to help speed up this process! However, the best help that can be provided is through spreading the word and limiting the amount of use through the winter season.



None at this time



This hike was accidentally left out of our WINTER Newsletter.  Our apologies to the talented Hike Leader Bob Humphreys.

Sat. Dec. 17   –  Iroquoia Section/Crawford Lake &Rattlesnake Point   –   10 km.
This 10 km. loop hike will take approximately 3 hours and is at a medium pace over moderate terrain. There is no dropout point. Map 11.
Depart: 10:00 am Crawford Lake Conservation Area.  Note, that an admission fee will need to be paid in accordance with Conservation Halton policy.
GPS Coordinates: N43 28.204′, W79 57.070′
Directions: Take Highway 401 to Guelph Line, turn south to Conservation Road, and park in the outer parking lot.
Hike Description: An opportunity to relax away from the malls!  A double loop hike, we will be using the Leech Porter Side trail, the Canyon Bypass Trail, and the Crawford Lake Side Trail, all linked together by the Main Trail.  Dogs permitted, but must be leashed and owners scoop the poop.  Hiking boots required.  Bring a snack lunch, something to drink, and ice footwear.
Hike Leader: Bob Humphreys
519-883-1840 Weekdays between 7-10 pm.



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