Staying Strong for Hiking

On May 27, we had three passionate physiotherapists and bruce trail club members provide a webinar to a group of members that discussed some of the intricacies of getting and staying strong for hiking. As you know the beautiful trail systems that we all cherish are quite rugged and at times quite steep. The purpose of this webinar was to provide some context around strength training and the benefits that it can have on your hiking experience. These benefits include: reduced injury risk, improved balance, improved overall fitness and ease of high stepping and climbing steep pitches.

When people hear strength training, they often think of bodybuilders and young athletes. What The Movement PTs spent time addressing in their webinar and E-book was how to create, monitor and progress a strength program specific to your individual starting point. People can often get discouraged by the idea of committing hours per week doing daily workouts. During this webinar recording and E-book in the associated workbook, you’ll discover that strength work can be done safely and effectively by committing to two weekly 30 minute bouts of exercise. In both the recording and e-book you will find a sample strength routine that includes descriptions of the exercises and common cues to perform them well along with links to videos of the various progressions of each movement.

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