The Bruce Trail is made possible by the work and dedication of volunteers. As a volunteer there are numerous roles you can fill or support. We need people to help maintain the trail, help out at special events where we set up our display, help with setup at special event, ect. If you'd like to volunteer, please e-mail us at Iroquoia Volunteering with an indication of your interest and we can send you back more detailed information or one of the Directors will be glad to call you back personally. Preferred subject line format: "Iroquoia Volunteering"

"How To" Maintain a Trail

The BTA has put together for those that volunteer to help maintain the trail. Please click on the llink below to review the guide.



Hike Leader Training

Are you one of those members who have ever given thought of giving something back to the Bruce Trail?

Why not become a Hike Leader?

It is not that difficult and we are prepared to help you along by offering a classroom setting and a same day short hike to give you hands on training.  We are pleased to offer Hike Ontario Hike Leader Certification for our members. Hike Ontario has developed standards and training programs for Hike Leaders that are used by community colleges, universities, hiking clubs and outdoor training organizations for course delivery. These Hike Leader course are recommended by Hike Ontario for any individuals and/or groups interested in leading organized hikes and walks in Ontario . They are excellent forums for learning some of the necessary and important tools in leading hikes or walks.

At this time we are not planning to run a Hike Leader Training Class. You may want to check with other Bruce Trail Clubs or Hike Ontario to find out where these classes are available.

Positions at your Local Club

If you are interested in any of these position please contact Gloria Pennycook at gpennycook@icloud.com or complete the online form.

Club Board Positions

Positions Purpose Skills
Bruce Trail Club President  Responsible for the general overseeing of Club operations, and for the direction, development and promotion of the overall objectives and goals of the Club -Good communication, organizational, networking and facilitation skills
-Some computer skills would be an asset
Bruce Trail Club Vice President Act in place of the Club President when the President is unavailable and to be the President Elect -Good communication, organizational, networking and facilitation skills
-Some computer skills would be an asset
Bruce Trail Club Secretary Record proceedings of all Club Board and Club Executive meetings -Typing and computer skills-Good language and organizational skills
Bruce Trail Club Treasurer Responsible for the custody of the funds of the Club and all financial matters affecting the Club -Accounting skills
-Some computer skills
Bruce Trail Club Director - Member at Large Participate in the Club Board's deliberations and decisions in matters of policy, finance and advocacy -Commitment to the work of the Bruce Trail Conservancy
Bruce Trail Club Archivist Keep safe all of the important records of the club -Ability to preserve documents
BTC Board Director from the Club Responsible for communications between the Bruce Trail Conservancy Board and the local Club -Good communication and organizational skills
Bruce Trail Club Fundraising Director Help to promote and collect funds through events or other initiatives to support the Bruce Trail Conservancy at the Club level -Knowledge of special event planning and other fundraising techniques
Bruce Trail Club Hike Director Provide direction to all Club Hike Leaders and compile a list of all upcoming hikes for the Club Newsletter
Bruce Trail Club Land Steward Director Implement and promote the Land Stewardship Program at the Club level. -Good communication, computer and facilitation skills
-Some survey experience is an asset
Bruce Trail Club Landowner Relations Director  Maintain a healthy working relationship with landowners and resolve issues as they arise -Good public relations, conflict resolution, negotiating and people skills
Bruce Trail Club Membership Director Retain and increase The Bruce Trail Conservancy membership at the Club level -Good marketing, communication and people skills
Bruce Trail Club Newsletter Editor Be the main administrative contact in producing the Club newsletter -Background in newsletter production -Proofreading and editing skills would be helpful
Bruce Trail Club Public Relations & Publicity Director  Publicize the Club's activities, aims and objectives -Knowledge of marketing and public relations
-Ability to work well with people
Bruce Trail Club Trail Director Responsible for the planning, maintenance and overallquality of the Trail in the Club's section, and for the overall organization and operation of the Trail work -Good people and organizational skills-Ability to design and oversee construction projects
Bruce Trail Club Volunteer Coordinator Coordinate the use of volunteers throughout the Club, and to facilitate the recruiting, training and recognition of all volunteers in the Club -Desire to work with people
-Good communication skills

Other Positions

Positions Purpose Skills
Bruce Trail Club Hike Leader Lead hikes for members and non-members, set the routes, set the pace and point out areas of interest to hike members -Knowledgeable about the environment, plants and animals
-Knowledgeable about the planned route
Bruce Trail Club Land Steward Act as a long-term caretaker of The Bruce Trail Conservancy land -Good observation skills
-Knowledge of local plants and animals
Bruce Trail Club Social Convenor Organize refreshments for events and social meetings, help plan social events for the Club members -Outgoing people person
-Ability to motivate people
Bruce Trail Club Special Events Volunteer  Help to promote the Bruce Trail Conservancy at various local events -Ability to talk to people about the Bruce Trail Conservancy
Bruce Trail Club Trail Captain Maintain the Bruce Trail and side trails in your designated section -Ability to do basic Trail Maintenance
-Good observation skills
Bruce Trail Club Trail Maintenance Volunteer Help with construction and repairs on the Trail. Must be able to build various projects on the Trail, such as bridges and stiles. -Ability to work as a member of a team
Flying Squad Member The Flying Squad Members are an email list of trail maintenance workers who can be called upon for assistance by any Club.
Bruce Trail Club E-Newsletter Editor To create, edit and deliver an electronic newsletter to interested parties, both members and non-members of the Club.
Bruce Trail Club Website Editor Maintain the Club's website doing periodic updates and improvements to style and content.