The Trail Guide (Maps) of the Bruce Trail can be purchased at many outdoor stores and regular book stores. You may also order the entire guide or download individual maps for $3 each by going to the BTC web page.


To receive a badge, you are required to hike the entire Iroquoia Section from Forty Mile Creek in Grimsby to the bottom of Kelso Conservation Area In Milton.  Keep a record of the days you hiked, the start and end points, and any other details you wish to add.

Send $5 for each badge you require, and a self stamped and addressed envelope, and your log book to the following.

Iroquoia Bruce Trail Club
P.O. Box 71057
Burlington, ON L7T 4J8

You will receive your badges back in the envelope you supplied.

The other end-to end badge is available in late October during our End to End event spread over two weekends ( four days ).

See our End to End page for more details.

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