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In times of Covid hiking procedures have changed.

1.All hikers must register for any hike and must be a BTC member in order to register. This is especially important because of Covid and the fact that there are limited spaces per hike (10 including the leader).

2. If you are going to cancel give the leader plenty of time (at least two to three days ahead ) so that your spot can be opened up for someone else. If you can’t make it the morning of the hike, please have the courtesy to let the hike leader know. Too many people simply don’t show up and the hike leaders have been left waiting.

3. Please do not show up unregistered. You will likely be told you cannot join the hike. It isn’t fair to others who are registered and more importantly, it puts the leader in an incredibly difficult position.

We want the hiking program to run well and be a positive experience for everyone. Please do your part.

Anne Armstrong
Hiking Director

Coronavirus – Return to the Hiking Program Plan – Update November 2020 v2