Club Awards

Club Awards and Winners

Members of IBTC are invited to submit nominations for any award.  Please send submissions to Cecilia Gibbons, Volunteer Director at, to be received before March 31 (the end of the Club’s financial year). 

The following board members are responsible for identifying the recipients of the following awards:

  • Trail Maintenance Award ~ Trail Maintenance Director
  • Hike Award ~ Hike Director
  • Public Education & Publicity, Volunteer Award ~ Public Education & Publicity Director
  • Iroquoia Commendation Award – Land Stewardship ~ Land Stewardship Director
  • Volunteer of the Year Award ~ Volunteer Director
  • President’s Award ~ Current President

The Board will endorse the recipients of all other awards. Awards should be identified a month before the AGM.

We are proud to announce the 2021 Iroquoia Bruce Trail Club awards!

Volunteer of the Year: Given to a BTC member whose volunteer activities contributed to further the interests of the Iroquoia Club BTC.

2021 Recipient: Samar Smith 

Samar joined us six years ago and was instantly willing to take on anything we threw at her. Like many of us who didn’t know much about social media and web design, she took on the challenge with the help of her children Jeffery and Monica.

Samar is now our Membership Director, which is not an easy position, but her manners were a perfect fit for this role. She is the “voice” of our club when getting in touch with new or lapsed members, and could always be found standing at our membership table at various events eagerly waiting to speak with people. Samar is also a hike leader and Trail Monitor and has been known to take the initiative to go out on the trail with a table and set up a “pop up” information booth for people passing by. It’s hard to believe she could do more, but she is also our representative/organizer, along with Peter Rumble, on the very successful Steeltown Stomp fundraiser.

Volunteering runs in the family, as it should be noted that her son Jeffery was awarded our Club Youth Award a number of years ago. Thank you for everything Samar.

Words from Gloria Pennycook: When Samar joined the Iroquoia Board as the Communications Director, she admitted that she knew little about social media but was willing to learn. And she did!! Samar enlisted the help of her children and together, they implemented many improvements to our communications. Above and beyond that, Samar volunteered for almost everything! She was always the one who put up her hand to help out. Samar is very passionate about the Bruce Trail and has made great contributions to our Board.  Thanks so much for your service on the Board and beyond. See you on the trails!!

Words from Cynthia Archer: Samar actively contributed to the Iroquoia Club community on many fronts – filling a variety of Board positions, providing leadership for the Steeltown stomp, volunteering to assist at checkpoints, BTC promotion tables, etc. I will miss Samar as she so often shared thoughtful alternative views to problems, issues and solutions that helped us grow intellectually and make wiser decisions for the club’s community.  I am glad she will stay involved so we may continue to benefit from her sage perspectives on issues.


Land Stewardship Awards

Volunteers are a vital component of the Bruce Trail Land Stewardship Program. Land Stewards are the primary volunteers in this program and act as the caretakers and the eyes of the land.
These dedicated volunteers visit their assigned properties at least twice a year, completing annual reports on the conditions of the property, providing input into stewardship plans, and helping to organize and carry out stewardship activities such as tree planting in abandoned fields, garbage removal, and installing signs and fences.
This year we wish to recognize the following people for their dedication to caring for the land:
Sheryl Johnston and Doug Johnston – Cline Bench property in Grimsby for seven years.
Kathleen Lawday – Burlington Easement property (Cityview Park) for five years.

Iroquoia Club Trail Maintenance Award: Given to an active BTC trail worker in recognition of their contribution over time to improve the trail experience in terms of quality and safety.

2021 Recipient: Harry Vanderveen

Harry has been a BTC member for seven years and has been volunteering with Trail Maintenance for more than half of that time.  The past year has been very challenging for Iroquoia Trail maintenance, but in this time of restrictions and reduced activities on the trail, Harry stood out.  For the last few years, he has taken over the unenviable task of grass cutting in the top half of Iroquoia. This past year was no exception; Harry was out every week throughout the grass cutting season making sure the grass was cut back and helping out countless other Trail Captains who might have had a much more difficult time in maintaining their sections.  Harry is also the Trail Captain at the BTC MapleCross Nature Reserve at River and Ruin in Lowville, and was instrumental in helping get the new Squire Cleaver and Dan Welsh Side Trails established on the property.  Harry’s energy and enthusiasm for the Bruce Trail is highly contagious and as a result, he is very well known to local hikers in the areas that he maintains.


Junior Appreciation Award: Given to members under the age of 18 who volunteer their time and have demonstrated a willingness to help.

2021 Recipient: Ashwini Selvakumaran

Ashwini joined the Iroquoia Club Board in June 2020 as part of the Girls on Board organization, which pairs young women with non-profit boards to provide them with training and experience.  Ashwini immediately became involved by supporting the club’s social media efforts by conducting an analysis to make improvements and creating Spotlight Mondays amongst other things.  She also reached out to all Board members and the CEO to determine potential opportunities for increasing youth engagement in the Bruce Trail.  As a result, Ashwini is now involved in the Youth Engagement Team being lead by the BTC.  Ashwini has provided a helping hand wherever it has been needed, including the organization of our first virtual AGM.  She is also the winner of the Hamilton YWCA Youth Trailblazer Award for Halton Region.  Congratulations Ashwini!