Club Executive

Iroquoia Board of Directors


Paul Toffoletti


Trail Development & Maintenance Director

Peter Rumble


Land Stewardship Director

Cynthia Archer


Publicity & Public Education Director



Membership Director

Jordan Scott


Communications Director





Cecilia Gibbons


Hiking Director

Christine Hanley


BTC Representative and Secretary/Archivist

Cynthia Archer


Landowner Relations Director

Doug Yungblut


Support Volunteer

Holly Sluiter - Website Support

Trush Murphy - Enotes

Vanessa Lupton - Newsletter Editor




To get in touch with any of our directors, email and we'll direct your query from there.



Land Acquisition

Doug Stansbury



Joe Gould


Fundraising Director

Allan Meyer


Volunteer Director

Cecilia Gibbons


Director At Large

Ashwini Selvakumaran

Cheri Chevalier - Social Media

Maha Mansoor