Official End to End – Waterfall Badge 

The annual Iroquoia Club End to End consists of four hikes over two weekends and will take place in the fall each year. The section is approximately 122.5 km. long and each hike averages 30 km. or more with one being 27.2. This is a challenging, but richly rewarding series of hikes. Volunteers will be at “check points” with water and snacks along the way. The hike will be completed independently and at your own pace, which means there is no official hike leader and you need to understand the blazes marking the trail.

Regular End to End – Jack in the Pulpit Badge

To receive a badge, you are required to hike the entire Iroquoia Section from Forty Mile Creek in Grimsby to the bottom of Kelso Conservation Area In Milton.  Keep a record of the days you hiked, the start and end points, and any other details you wish to add.

Side Trail Challenge Badge

Earn the Iroquoia's Side Trail Challenge badge by hiking all side trails in the Iroquoia section of the Bruce Trail, in any order, and capturing a photo of prominent landmarks along the way. Landmarks and side trails provided below along with a hike log.

IBTC Side Trail Challenge log 2021 FINAL

Post using hashtag #IBTCSideTrailChallenge on social media for others to follow the adventure!

Iroquoia Side Trail Challenge Badge

Steeltown Stomp Badge

The Steeltown Stomp Badge is awarded upon completion of climbing 2000 stairs in Hamilton and completing 20KM of trail between the stairs. It must be completed on the actual event day, held annually.

Junior Hiker Badge

The Iroquoia Bruce Trail Club’s Junior Hiker Badge program is an opportunity for children to earn a new and unique badge for every season of the year. Each seasonal badge is $7. When all four badges are earned, the child is awarded with a Junior Hiker badge at the courtesy of the Iroquoia Bruce Trail Club. This program is designed for children under the age of 13.

They can earn a badge each season after completing a minimum 3 km hike on the white or blue blazed Bruce Trail within the Iroquoia Section.  Children who have completed at least a 3 km hike in all four seasons as described above, qualify for the free Junior Hiker Badge.

Iroquoia Winter End to End Badge

The Iroquoia Winter End to End Badge is earned by hiking during the current winter season only (ie. December 21 - March 20).

To receive the badge, you are required to hike the entire Iroquoia Section from Grimsby to the 401 in Milton. Keep a record of the days you hiked, the start and end points, and any other details you wish to add.

Snowshoe Badge 

Snowshoe Badge Participants must complete a total of four snowshoe hikes within the Iroquoia Bruce Trail Club section which runs between Grimsby and the bottom of Kelso Conservation Area near Milton on the white or blue Bruce Trail. You may create and complete your own hikes or take part in the series of four hikes carried out by Club hike leaders or take part in any four snowshoe hikes offered by various leaders throughout the winter. You may also complete one of the four snowshoe hikes outside of the Iroquoia Bruce Trail Club section.

Keep It Clean Challenge

Keep it Clean Challenge Badge

Recipients of this badge have helped preserve the natural wonders of the trail by removing trash and refuse of thoughtless walkers and hikers.

We do this for the animals that strive to survive in the small pieces of wilderness along the trail. We do this because people are more apt to help keep a space clean if they find it uncluttered. We do this to help ensure the 700 landowners who allow us to cross their land will continue to do so.

When picking up garbage please identify hazardous materials, look for sharp items such as glass, metal edges or unknown liquids and leave these items for staff. You are advised to wear gloves for your own protection. After filling five plastic shopping bags of trash, please include a log with photos of your accomplishment when requesting the badge.

Getting Your Badge!

Badge Fees:

$7.00 per badge for members and $12.00 per badge for non-members.  Jr Hiker badges are $7.00 regardless of if you are a member or not.

Payment Options:

Mail-In Option

Please send a stamped and self-addressed envelope together with your logs and a cheque to Iroquoia Bruce Trail Club, P.O. Box 71057, Burlington, ON L7T 4J8. You will receive your badge(s) back in the envelope supplied.  Cheques should be written out to Iroquoia Bruce Trail Club.  If your badge requires photos, and you prefer emailing them, they can be sent to

Money Transfer Option

Please send your money transfer to  Make sure to include your name and the badge(s) you are requesting in the message portion of your money transfer.  Then email your logs and any required photos to